Hope In A Time Of Distress

No doubt, this is a stressful time for many. However, companies are pivoting and demonstrating support in ways that were previously unimaginable. From LVMH making free hand sanitizer to Comcast giving away Internet connection, we are seeing the execution of what some are wisely calling disaster capitalism.  On a smaller but impactful level now is C1V1L Jewelry and its new relief fund.

As part of its mission, the edgy company is now allocating 25% of all proceeds from sales and custom orders into a fund for New York Workers Relief until April 30, 2020. As an extremely conscious and social-good oriented company year-long, this latest moves just ups the ante. So if you are fortunate enough to be at hope, healthy, and with your bank account still in tact, think about doing some good while buying a special piece you can also dedicate to yourself to remind you of a time when you were stronger than you thought you were and came out stronger - just like the pressure that creates diamonds. 

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