Think Luxury Towels From Japan For Amazing Winter Rituals

  • Lauren deLisa Coleman
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In Japan, bathing is more than a necessity. It is a time to cleanse the body and soul. As we all continue to work to maintain wellness during trying times, here's an item we found that can help you indulge in this ritual that we're now borrowing from Japan in a big, big way. 

Tombo Towels, founded by Japanese friends Tae & Michele, cam turn your home into a Japanese “onsen” (bath house) where bathing is a distinct ritual for relaxation and replenishing. Tombo Towels are woven manually on shuttle looms in the Senshu region of Osaka, Japan and are made from the highest quality cotton blends. They have two outer layers of baby-soft gauze with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile, making them ultra absorbent, quick to dry, lightweight, voluminous and luxuriously soft. They're eco-friendly and highly absorbent.  Now, get ready because the texture is different from American or Italian luxe towels, but don't let this deter you. To the touch, they almost feel like super-thick, spongey handi-wipes-of-sort.  However, once you wrap them around your body, they somehow mold luxuriously and efficiently absorb droplets.  Great for the rising lockdown bath trend that is on the rise.

Indeed, Beyonce recetnly revealed that she's now taking baths non-stop having nowhere to perform or tour at the moment. Wanna channel your inner Beyonce? 

Here are a few tips to recreate the ritual at home and make bath time an important part of your daily schedule but with a cool, Japanese twist:

• Take a quick hot shower to cleanse your body before drawing a bath

• Smooth on a face and /or hair mask

• Light candles and take a moment to meditate 

• Turn on a soothing playlist

• Use luxurious and eco-friendly towels like Tombo to complete the luxury

• Apply your favorite moisturizer and drink plenty of water to rehydrate
your skin and body after your bath 

• In the winter, one might squeeze fresh yuzu or satsuma tangerine juice into their bathwater and add their rinds for a nourishing citrus soak to thwart off colds. Try this with any leftover citrus (even kitchen scraps work!): grapefruit rinds, oranges rinds, or lemon rinds. Start with a small amount as citrus can give you a tingling sensation on your skin.

And with the holidays right around the corner, these Tombo towels just might be the right fit for the mermaid (or man) in your life.  

Happy relaxing!




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