Why We're So Into The Virtual Cocktail Class

Here's what we're loving right now: the rising trend of the virtual cocktail class!  They are now everywhere! Some exclusive, invite-only; some packing as many people onto a screen as one can. They are produced by everything from your local speakeasy to the hot, artisanal gin that wants to get onto your radar.  Seems now any adult worth his or her negroni is jumping onto these classes to ensure that the sophistication and satisfaction once had for a mere $18 (at least in NYC) plus tip at your fave chic and trendy bar-of-the-moment is moving into the homebound-due-to-pandemic.  

They are not only fun but so very educational.  You can simply hop onto an event, listen, learn, and watch the pros leading it taste or if you're really into it you can prepare the ingredients before that you're wonderful host will send you, or if you're really, really into it, you can have many of these cocktail items shipped to your home in advance, prepped and ready to go for class time kick-off.  We've seen them range from the quirky to downright scientific.  It's really helping so many to get their bar and cocktail game tighter.

What we'd love to see more of, however, are the legendary bars in various cities offering the same thing!  Bemelmans in NYC, anyone? The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz?  Sure, none of these fab spots want to give away the house secrets, but let us in on just a few since who knows when we'll be able to frequent such hot spots again!! They do seem to get posted in your friendly neighborhood luxe digital newsletter only a few days before they go live. Seems no one is really tracking or creating a TV Guide-of-sorts for these types of things. Try Guest Of A Guest, Equinox's Furthermore, and Covert Cocktail Club to get started. But we'll do our best to keep you posted on new developments, bar tool must-haves, and the newest creation we are shown (indeed, next up for our home trial is an old fashioned made with Mount Gay Rum. Look out!!) 

Until then, happy sipping, especially during this holiday season!

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