When Work And Travel Combine In Cool, New Ways

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Okay so, ever traveled to a quaint town that you'd love to explore a little bit longer but kinda need to get back to work?  

With so many things changing and the WFH/WFO hybrid model now a reality for so many, there's a whole, new level of fabulousness to support your wanderlust vibe while getting your co-work on, albeit with a mask.  Enter Barnfox. Co-founder, Frederick Pikovsky says, "We envision a world in which people can work from anywhere to spend more time in the outdoors, and support local communities."  So he's created Barnfox to do just that, and word has it that the concept is blowing up.

Billed as a work-retreat offering for innovators, the first is located in upstate New York. Originally launched in Hudson in February 2020 the zen-meets-work space got a major uptick in membership given the flight some Manhattan-ites made to the region. It was all about outdoor events from camping to hiking, mixed with work, mixed with socializing. The model has become so popular that in October, they launched the second Barnfox outpost in Kingston, and currently have a third location, in Livingston Manor, in the plans.

The vibe is all about bright airy spaces and cozy mid-century furnishings, for working to hanging out. Amenities include conference rooms and sound-proof booths, long shiny bars with complimentary coffee, and kombucha (yum!). The concept is birthed out of the founder wanting to spend more time exploring small towns, sleeping in cabins, going on hikes, and generally living a lifestyle that was more connected to his surroundings. There are also perks. Barnfox also offers member discounts for local hotels and accommodations. The company also works to support local small businesses, the community, and sustainability. 

This, we are sure, is just part of what will be many re-imagined offerings for the new class of creative and professional workers. One suggestion we also have is Barnfox adding a way for those able to experience such freedom be inspired to donate to those who are not as well as underserved communities not home to such chic offerings. Other than that, sign us up!


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