News Flash: What Every Digital Should Use

Ok, so we like to think we know a bunch, but wow!  We're just finding out that blue light from screens can cause premature aging!  We knew about the possible damage to eyesight and have a number of tools to guard against that, but this takes things to a different level!  It's never too early to protect your skin. Studies now are saying that given the amount of time we spend in front of laptops and phones that the damage can actually be greater than that of the UV from the sun. Yikes!  Even more exposure, perhaps, from those of us you work from anywhere and nearly at any time. 

Fortunately, the beauty and wellness industry always has us covered. We just found out about a particular spray from the UK that not only protects but hydrates, is cruelty-free and oh so many other great things. Read on and consider ordering...

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