Equinox Hotel Has The Perfect Formula To Transition From Dry January

  • Viceroy Editorial Staff
  • Lifestyle

While many of us have been observing "dry January," we are nearly just moments away from February. 

But wait.

It can't be a great idea to shock the body and jump right into, say, a neat bourbon after going lemon water for 31 days prior, right?  So if you wanna ease into it, the Electric Lemon Lounge at the Equinox hotel has the perfect solution. This is about a cocktail and bites with a healthy spin, and we can personally attest to the fact that the ones we've had are amazing. The choices are unique because they are geared to the hotel guests and people who are working out at the Equinox gym: wellness-conscious inside and out. 

The view is amazing. The decor is sleek. What more could you want?  See all the details about the menu, cocktail list, events, and more right here. 

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