Why Bulgari Knows The Future Is Linked To Fine Fragrance

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It is never easy to take the mystique for which a legendary fine jewelry house stands and apply it to fragrance, yet Bulgari's various extensions into fine scents remain top of the list for many discerning people. Here is a Viceroy snapshot with Amandine Pallez, head of Perfume Creation & Heritage with insights about Bulgari's special touch. 


Viceroy: How and where does the company craft its scents?

Amandine Pallez: Bulgari being Italian and made in Italy, is synonymous with quality, creativity knowledge. This is why, like for the jewels, the perfumes are made in Italy, near Milan.

The creative process takes place In Neuchatel, Switzerland, which takes months, sometimes years, evaluating designs, olfactory trials with the few and best master perfumers we have been collaborating for years.  As an Italian jeweler, our Roman heritage, the colorful gems, our high jewelry collection, like the recent “Wild Pop” or even a vintage piece are always a great source of inspiration. Being the Italian master of colored gemstones definitely helps to create positive emotions, as fragrances are mostly about emotions!


V: What are the primary notes and how are they reflective of the fine jewelry?

AP: The primary notes, often called top notes, are the most volatile ones, the ones you will smell in the first minute after spraying. Because of their very light molecular weight, they do not last but they are like a first feeling, an introduction to what will come after.  Most of those are either aromatic, citrusy or fruity.


V: At what hotels can the soaps, lotion and shower gels be found aside from the company's own properties?

AP: Besides the current seven Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, the Bulgari amenities can be found also in the 5-stars hotels mainly in the suites, across Europe, America and Asia. We also have a partnership with the Four Seasons properties.


Bulgari Hotel Exterior In Dubai


V: How does the company see the scents driving the brand?

AP: Due to the category price point and distribution, Bulgari Parfums is of course very often the first contact with the brand on wide target. This why it is a key category: the excellence that is driving our jewels or watches or accessories, must be the same with fragrances. It is also an opportunity to raise the brand awareness in some countries. The jewels will always drive the brand but the fragrances are a kind of turbo to the engine!


V: Anything new on the horizon?

AP: We have just launched Bvlgari Man Wood Essence, presented in London this past July, and results are so far are very impressive. This new initiative was created thinking first on the relationship and connecting bonds between man and nature. A perfumer crafting the gems of nature like the jeweler is crafting his. It made lots of sense to us to set a vision about the power of nature to disconnect those who live in urban environments, to recharge and reconnect. And obviously, it makes sense also as men are buying!

We also just launched a very high-end collection currently exclusive to Harrods in London: “Le Gemme Murano Collezione”. This collection is the pinnacle of the Italian Savoir-Faire, the encounter of the Murano glass making, hand-made and perfumes of exceptional quality. Colorful, bold, designed, this collection reflects perfectly the distinctiveness of who we are as an Italian perfumer and how much craftsmanship is in our DNA. We will have also novelties next years, on Splendida, le Gemme and of course Omnia.


V: What is the interplay, if any, between the bath products and perfume fragrances?

AP: For me, there are two dimensions on the bath products: of course, first what I call the fragrance “halo”: using a body lotion and then wearing the same fragrance, it does create a fragrance halo, a kind of “overall”. This is I guess the first reason why women are buying those. The second dimension is simply linked to pleasure and emotions: yes, wearing on your body your favorite fragrance, with either a lotion or a shower gel, foam bath, it is a source of pleasure, a kind of beauty ritual.


V: In a world driven by technology and ephemeral elements, what do you see as the future of fragrance and why?

AP: Fragrances are deeply linked to nature and this is increasingly, for everybody, a concern. Who wants to wear a fragrance only formulated with synthetic elements even though some of them are great and extremely costly? In 2030, 70% of the world population will be leaving in big cities and some of them will not have the chance to connect often with nature. The role of fragrances will change and will be a great source of positive emotions for the consumers, helping them to reconnect with nature in some moments of their daily life. This gives us a high responsibility with our partners in ensuring the sustainability of the fragrance industry resources.

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