Quick Take: Experiencing The Upward Trend Of Brandy Drinking

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Recently, the ultra-chic Brandy Library in Tribeca, New York celebrated what seemed to be an inaugural Brandy Week by offering various tastings and classes done in a superb manner.

Well-versed mixologists at the sophisticated lounge noted that brand is actually experiencing a resurgent trend after the loss of various products in the spirits category thanks to major consolidation of scotch and whiskey companies in Europe. Thus a full array of brandy and Pisco was offered to discerning guests who learned about various brands as well as the distillation process and more.


What is interesting to note is the history that was imparted regarding the fact that most liquor companies began as projects of the elite for their similar friends, and it this tone and image in marketing that persists today with many drinks, such as brandy. Fire-places, cigars and more are all tied to much of the original spirit of those who, having the affluence to handle shipping and distribution of drinks, naturally, saw it as an extension of their own sophisticated lifestyles.

So as you curl up this winter with your favorite brandy, harken back to days of old and rest in the luxury and confidence that the drink conveys.

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