The Summer Must-Have That Has Everyone Talking

  • Lauren deLisa Coleman
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Summer is oftentimes as much about travel and being on-the-move as it about relaxation. Running between airports to reach summer destinations such as Positano, dashing to the heliport to travel to the Hamptons, picnicking in the perfect park or lounging at a chic, rooftop pool; the right wardrobe choice is a must. And while we may not be able to do anything about wrinkles we pick up along the way, unsightly stains ranging from one's most recent Aperol spritz to savory barbeque sauce on a delightful summer dish at Daniel's can ruin your plans for hopping from scene to scene. But fear not. Here's what everyone sophisticated influencer on-the-move has at his or her fingertips, Madame Paulette's Stain Removal Kit.

Known for its impeccable services in luxury dry cleaning and tailoring, Madame Paulette has created a few stealth products for those of us who simply can't make to their wonderful location in New York City during a stain emergency. The Stain Removal Kit has a cult following thanks to the ingenuity gained from knowledge gained since the company's launch 58 years ago. Possessing a proprietary formula created specifically to eliminate most stains in record time, Madame Paulette's Kit is revolutionary, and it's eco-friendly.

But what else would one expect from a business that has been recognized as one of the most reputable custom couture cleaning establishments in the world, servicing everyone from designers to entertainers to corporate executives?

Under the firm guidance of John Mahdessian, third generation of the family-owned business, Madame Paulette has been charged with everything from restoring Princess Diana's gowns to conjuring magic for Beyonce's costumes.  Known as the "Sultan of Stains," Mahdessian is committed to further innovation to continue to ensure the company maintains its premium place among such notables as Vera Wang and Eva Longoria.

A definite must-have in your bag for all your summer stops, Madame Paulette's Stain Removal Kit is a lifesaver.

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