When NFT Collides With Film

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NFTs are all the rave, but here's what visionaries are looking toward next.  Enter Dream Channel, both a science fiction film and platform that just released the world's first NFT of a multi-platform film. In a twist, Dream Channel is a traditional 2D film but where each episode consists of a VR film and then being sold through a similarly named NFT platform called DreamChannel.io and on a second NFT financing platform called Dream Frames, a new NFT platform for financing feature films. Keeping up? 
Here's how it works: Dream Channel will release one portion of the film at a time selling scenes, characters, and virtual real estate each time. Think of it like when you could buy your first Blu-ray film and own an actual film but instead this NFT offering gives one the capability to own a particular portion in real-time and increase the engagement by even trade portions with other buyers all in real-time thanks to the magic and verification of blockchain tech. What we are witnessing is the advent of "collectible frames" rather than the entire film itself.  You know your fave part where say the guy declares his undying love? Don't just love it. Own it. 
Welcome to the future? Present? As envisioned by Australian Kgrind Jonny (aka Jonny Peters). The entire Dream Channel concept is his baby that was actually debuted in 2016 as an XR entertainment proposition during the Cannes Film Festival. Now in 2021, looks like liftoff could help create the next unicorn in the space. For more information check out both dreamchannel.io and dreamframes.io
Happy viewing!

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