Can This New Entrant In Wireless Shake Up The Scene?

  • Lauren deLisa Coleman
  • Tech

Crypto may have taken a bit of a hit lately, ok a massive hit, but this hasn't stopped innovators from proceeding with new plans.  We just found out about a new hybrid offering about to hit the wireless scene and thought we would share. It's called Cloaked Wireless, and is a crypto secure mobile network that's poised to offer industry-standard quality unlimited talk, text, and data plans, with additional options for subscribers to choose security levels and pay for services in Fiat, Bitcoin, or lightning. 

Cloaked says that it doesn’t handle any personal data and makes it impossible for any third-party to make unauthorized changes to an account thanks to the novel system and cryptographically secure network, eliminating the human error element that resulted in fraudulent SIM swaps. Privacy and protection is as big as others trying to track and burrow into your stuff. Gee.  

A point to note: if you go for this, you won't have to give up 5G because they're on the network.

It's interesting timing for this product given that there is new concern about potential over-reach of carriers now under the cloak of 911 support that seems a bit Orwellian in nature and is  a must-read here.

Only time will tell how this will all shake out. In the meantime, visit for more info.

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