Major Ear Jewelry - The Diamond Encrusted Caviar iPhone

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In the second quarter of 2018, 52.22 million iPhones were sold worldwide, according to the latest stats. But you can bet not too many of them were a Caviar iPhone, from Russian accessory producer Caviar.

The Caviar iPhone line is exclusive, marketed to the luxury world. The phones are nearly works of art as each phone is assembled by hand and crafted with gold, titanium, carbon, composite stone. They are adorned with natural leather, rare species of wood and diamonds. These limited editions phones are also technologically advanced.

The iPhone X Tesla, starts at $4,500 (the first off the production line was reportedly offered to Elon Musk). Debuting last year, it was Caviar's first smartphone to include a solar-powered option.

Looking for a little more flash?  The iPhone X Imperial Crown has a golden coat of arms of the Russian Federation and more than 300 engraved precious stones--the back is encrusted with 344 diamonds along with a line of 14 rubies.

Italian jeweler Elia Giacometti created the first designs for Caviar, starting with the Apple iPhone 4. In 2011, Caviar presented two collections and in 2012, their sales started in Russian online-boutique. By 2014, the brand Caviar was fully under Russian management.

Caviar not only creates customized iPhones, but they also design tablets and Apple Watches, covered with gold and decorated with petite symbolic engravings created by hand.

And of course, celebrities love the line. Newly nationalized Russian American boxing champ Roy Jones Jr. was given a Gold iPhone with a case made by Caviar.


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