Product Review: Taking The New Rowkin Ascent Earbuds For A Spin

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There's nothing like being able to listen to your favorite entertainment content no matter whether exercising, running errands or traveling. From music, to movies, to podcasts, sound quality is key and the earbud choice is critical.  So when Rowkin decided to release its new Rowkin Ascent line, we decided to put the product to the test.

Boasting the smallest, true wireless earbuds on the market, Rowkin Ascent line includes three options: the Ascent Charge+, Ascent Charge, and the Ascent Micro.  This is about the luxury of simplicity.  If you have reached your limit of spending time untangling your earbuds and/or hunting for your charger, this product provides the ultimate experience.  Both the Ascent Charge and Ascent Charge+ are Qi-compatible (meaning they will work with any existing wireless charging pad), but the Ascent Charge+ includes a 5W Qi Charging pad.  Additionally, the Charge and Charge+ feature dual-function portable charging cases that provides multi-tasking power by charging the earbuds and your mobile device via their single USB-C port component.

No matter which option you choose, each provides up to 3.5 hours of play/talktime for every charge. The Ascent Charge/Ascent Charge+ charging case can recharge earbuds up to 15 times with a single charge, providing over 50 hours of listen or talk time. And the Ascent Micro is an ideal product for those an item that is supremely compact.   Small enough to fit in your pocket, this particular model Ascent Micro comes in a small portable charging case that can be charged for up to 15 hours of listen or talk time.Naturally they all come with Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy, and LDS antenna technology. 

But let's talk about the experience. When we tried them, the earbuds, once connected, were seamless in connection. The quick-start guide via the app or site is very, very easy. The company has engineered the devices with a new driver with steel metal housing that creates an acoustic cavity for enhanced sound performance and deep bass. For our taste, the sound was solid but almost any product comes in second to Echobox which is dream, though certainly, not wireless.

Further, Rowkin has designed their earbuds with an ergonomic focus in mind. There are removable rubber retention wheels intended to provide security without irritating the ear, though we still found a bit of pressure and friction.

Perhaps where the product is most differentiated is in the touch controls. Instead of buttons, Ascent earbuds offer capacitive touch controls that that primarily operate with just two taps to the device. Whether access voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, or taking the call for that next multi-million dollar deal, just tap the earbud three times to activate.

Price ranges from $99.00 to $139.00

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