Here's How To Get Your Points Game A Little Tighter

  • Kate Randall
  • Travel

There's no time like the present to prep for the time when travel comes back full force. The cool thing is that those of us who have been interested have been able to rack up travel points via things like on-line shopping. Indeed, it's easer than ever to amass points. And most arilines and hotels have extended the expiration dates of their points, elite status, and other perks like the coveted upgrade. 

But to maximize, you've got to know what's up. Review your cards for benefits for usage for such servies as Grubhub and Peloton. These types of perks have been rolled out from specific airlines and hotels and co-branded with certain cards so if you haven't done so already, log into your credit card account and check which offer you can leverage to earn a gang of points for future trips!

Also, track major deals in airline ticket purchases.  There are some killer deals now, but the biggest help is that there are super new, flexible cancellation policies many without any financial penalty. So read up and see if you might like to roll the dice, assume travel will be cool again toward the end of the year, and book that dream trip.

However, some people are worried about losing their hard-fought top-tier elite status on say, United Airlines, or the Marriott Hotel group. Fear not. Many, though check specifically with your product, are simply rolling over status  while others have even lowered thresholds so it's a great time to check out the options and play the field, so to speak. There are options ranging from upgrades to bonus miles so if you find incredible offers, consider jumping over to something new. Companies are even more sensitive to the fact that those who they treat well will be with them for the long-haul so they are going out of their way to be creative. Essentially, it's a buyer's market for awards, miles, and travel so get out there and start doing your digital search on those which you feel can be serve you so you can be well-prepared once it's time to get back into travel big time again. 



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