Here's Why We're Not Into Little Island

  • Ann Brown
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Okay, so there has been a lot of hype around what is now known as Little Island, NYC. The latest nature contribution from super-duo renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and all-around mogul Barry Diller. Having opened in early June 2021, the location has been heralded as an oasis of sorts in one of the most densely populated cities in the U.S. and cost a whopping $260 million to construct.

Indeed, there is everything from a small playground to a mini-amphitheater to an ample area for outdoor eating complete with 3 Little Island branded food trucks. The only things they forgot are benches and trees to sit underneath! When we were there, people were boiling in the sun sitting on a few hard-to-come-by rocks strategically placed or otherwise constantly moving like ants in an ant farm. The only places we saw to sit were, literally, the dining area and the mini-amphitheater?!

And forget it if you are breathing impaired or disabled in any way. The "island" seems to be built out of a progressively uphill wind of paths that are more like a trek in the summer than anything leisurely or relaxing.

We're sincerely hoping that this is Little Island 1.0, and that some comfort will be added shortly. It's a nice way to re-imagine an old pier, but we're not sure it meets the hype. #NoLoungingAllowed on the lawn areas with trees for the moment. *sigh* Hit Central Park if you are seeking a more traditional nature-y vibe.




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