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As downtown Los Angeles continues its revitalization, those with discerning tastes are looking to the area for hotel accommodations as travel to the city becomes even more frequent due to everything from media business deals to conference attendance to exclusive investor dinners pertaining to cryptocurrency. One property that is sure to receive high-marks during such frenzied schedules is the Omni Hotel.

Located at California Plaza, the property boasts plush rooms with the bonus of working windows for air, two restaurants complete with outdoor seating and a lively bar area. The location is one that is unique in that this Omni property is right in the center of the historic Bunker Hill, the area that traditionally separated downtown Los Angeles, and its wealth, from the rest of the city before the hill was tunneld through in 1924. As urban growth, led by the streetcar system, began to rise its wealthy residents began leaving for other areas of the Los Angeles we know today. Now, the revitalization of downtown is slowly but surely bringing some of the splendor back to the area and the Omni captures this new vibe in an interesting manner.

Located amidst seemingly endless cranes, gleaming skyscrapers, the Staples Center and the sophisticated design of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Omni Hotel is a lively site with a number of high-end offerings and ambiance that will delight guests. “As a brand, we like to be very much part of the local scene,” explains Ed Moreno, Director of Operations at this Omni property. “Now that there are more residents in the area we find that they are attracted to our bar and restaurants. This is great for our guests because then they can get local tips from those who are directly part of the scene. This creates a different flavor for our guests.”

Moreno adds that various high-end bars and lounges have expanded the nightlife offerings close to the hotel as well. In addition, given the Omni’s proximity to MOCA, the Brode museum and the official art district, a creative vibe not only surrounds the property but is also directly reflected in the art palette of various colored French macaroons and chocolates which is placed in the room prior to a guest’s arrival and lends a sumptuous touch.

In addition to the executive suite accommodations, the lounge on the 17th floor provides an intimate setting that has a food and beverage selection throughout the day. Guests of this elite floor can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast, a variety of snacks and beverages throughout the afternoon and cocktails and impeccable hors d’oeuvres each evening as they take in the beautiful views.

Indeed food, and deep attention to it, is at the center of an Omni stay here in Los Angeles, and at all the properties. Says Moreno, “Our hotels and resorts have some of best chefs in the country. In terms of JD Powers we have been number two overall out of 12 hotels, but we hold the number one in food and beverage for many years. It is an expense to us for our guests that we feel is well worth it.”

For example, the hotel is featuring a mango-infused poolside menu until September. The fruit, currently the most popular in the world, is offered in a lush but understated manner. “We wan to be able to expand guests’ horizon through such seasonal offerings,” says Moreno.

The menu includes such options as charred mango hummus, paired with naan bread, fresh veggies, jalapeno dipping sauce. There is also an Ahi tuna bowl with sesame ginger dressing, nori and fresh mango on top paired that is with veggie chips. Mango salad honey vinaigrette, and grilled chicken breast is a delight.

But wait, there’s more.

Mango inspired cocktails keep the theme going with such choices as the Mango Tango that including real mango infused syrup, Tito’s handmade vodka, and Aperol. Or try a Bee Sting which is made with Svedka grapefruit jalapeno vodka, honey water. The Rum Mule made with Cruzan Light rum, ginger infused syrup, fresh lime and topped with club soda is a smooth way to round out the last days of summer 2018.

If you can’t make it for summer, no worries. In the fall the Omni will offer the “Season of Smoke” which will run until October and then a promotion entitled “Holiday Traditions with a Twist” will round out the remainder of 2018.

“40 or 50 years ago,” says Moreno, “when you went out for nice dinner in America, it was at a grand hotel. We at the Omni are bringing that concept back.”

He continues, “We want to be that destination dining option for locals as well as guests. So every year we go to the wine region of a country for a whole week of wine tasting and dining and then we will infuse the experience into our menus in a variety of ways. In this way, the selection is from an authentic experience rather than from a book. This is part of what makes the Omni a standout for food.”

Indeed, the weekend brunch, whether guest or local resident is not to be missed. From bottomless mimosas to a luxurious seafood station complete with sushi, oysters, crab to a prime rib station, luscious desserts, salmon, personal size waffles and pancakes, salads, dim sum and then some, the Omni really outdoes itself. This is not the generic taste typically found at large buffets but rather one that whispers the luxury of time and care infused into each bite.

Oh, and just when you think it can’t get any better, the front desk offers an organic, nourishing wrapped travel treat upon departure.

With attentive expertise such as this, one can’t wait until the next LA trip is placed onto the Google calendar.

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