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So happy to bring you this next one in this "5 Questions With..." series.  I'm about to take you inside of a great organization called We Make Movies.  I had the opportunity to catch up with  Aubrey Mozino, President. 

Here we go...


Lauren deLisa Coleman: What is WMM's mission and how does it impact the industry?

Aubrey Mozino: WMM’s mission is to reimagine the film studio and make being an artist or filmmaker an actual sustainable pursuit. Through our free, weekly interactive labs and dozens of on-demand tutorials, we offer a practical alternative to expensive film schools, and through our indie budget-friendly production services, content creators can get help with the tedious and daunting aspects of production (such as production insurance, payroll, budgeting, scheduling, post-production workflow) so they can get back to being creative. It used to be that only those in NY or LA with thousands of dollars could make a high-quality production. We want anyone, anywhere to be able to develop, shoot, edit and distribute a professional-level piece of content. We want to help democratize the industry. 

LdC: What do you see as the future of the intersection of film and emerging tech like digital currency and AI?

AM:  We’re a company that has always believed in letting the community decide what to make through our film challenges and recent, Make Your Feature Competition. So, we’re very excited at the fundraising and green lighting capabilities a decentralized system like the blockchain provides artists. Not to mention, how NFTs and digital currency can also help creators keep ownership and get fair compensation. We think a lot of people are bored by the same franchise-based stories being told in Hollywood and are hungry for original ideas and voices. I think we will see a really exciting resurgence of creativity start to bubble up in the indie world first, then gain traction in the mainstream as well. 

LdC: What are you most excited about on the indie film scene?

AM: We LOVE how damn affordable AND accessible film technology is becoming. Through our SmartphoneStudio.tv tutorials or virtual workshops, we’ve taught everyone from elementary school students to senior citizens how to shoot and edit a pro level video using the camera they already have in their pockets. You no longer need to spend thousands renting a 4K camera, hire crew who knows how to operate it or spend months learning confusing editing software. Anyone can have access and learn these modern tools easily, so we’re stoked to see and hear from voices who have traditionally been shut out of the industry.  

LdC: Why do you think festivals like Tribeca Film Fest are still important?

AM: Festivals like Tribeca are important not only to celebrate work outside of the studio system but also to give filmmakers and artists a venue to meet potential collaborators and find inspiration (or maybe a fire under their butt!) Also, we don’t have rules at WMM, we have values, and one of them is “helping the community is helping yourself.” Supporting fellow artists by buying tickets to screenings, and spreading the word about projects or artists you love helps ensure there will continue to be platforms or venues that welcome original content. This way, that same community will still be around to show up and amplify your work one day. 

LdC: What's your favorite cocktail? :-)

AM: Ooh! I would say a Negroni always hits the spot, but recently picked up a few stellar small-batch bottles of bourbon and so I’ve been whipping up some Boulevardiers (which just swap the gin for bourbon) instead!



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