New Year Starts With A Bitcoin Bang

  • Viceroy Editorial Staff
  • Web3

2021 is here, and if the Bitcoin surge is any indication of a mega year then look out! 

The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency traded as high as $33,099 earlier today, with almost all other markets closed over the first weekend in 2021. It was last up about 12% at $32,883. It's said the unprecedented $30,000 surge, is due to more and more traders and investors betting that it is on its way to becoming a mainstream payment method. Some also saw it as a safe-haven play during the Covid-19 pandemic, akin to gold.

It trades on numerous exchanges, the largest of which is Coinbase. As many know, Coinbase preparing to go public and become the first such platform to list on Wall Street even amidst reports of mistreatment of its Black employees.

This is all a bunch to track in the overall digital currency world. Keep it right here for updates as you move and groove through the new year!


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