Inside The Hottest New Trend In Travel

One of the hottest, growing trends is something that is absolutely perfect for a new era where everything is convergent. We absolutely love this new concept of hotels as overall, hip community spaces.  This is about slick combination properties that offer accommodations, edgy co-working spaces, wellness centers and so much more - all under one roof.  This is about working, traveling, living with purpose, and the spots are very chic, yet inviting.

A perfect example of this is the Eaton Hotel in Washington, DC.  Located in the vibrant K Street hub of our nation's capital, you'll find young advocates-in-the making, technorati who are socially aware and more as members of the co-working space, all rubbing elbows with their counterparts from various parts of the country and world who are hotel guests.  It's a veritable hub of activity at Eaton with any number of activities being offered through their floor dedicated to wellness to preparations being hurriedly made for a hot panel discussion in the evening with such figures as Senator Cory Booker.  Creativity is truly designed to meet consciousness-building as the establishment offers myriad ways to tap into innovation, inspiration and impact, part of the establishment's motto.

Yet in New York City, the very hip The Assemblage is all the buzz. Offering full-on apartment-style hotel accommodations in the city's financial district, The Assemblage is the perfect destination for those whizzing in to make ring the bell on their latest tech IPO with a social edge. This address is attracting changemakers seeking short or long stays. But here's the twist: there's also a killer co-working community with custom-designed, flexible spaces to fit nearly anyone's criteria. This is about full-on meals being offered, meditation rooms and wellness programs all coming together to hit the checklist on all of us who are young, innovators with a modern, more aware lifestyle.

Not to be outdone, The Equinox's first luxury hotel in the Hudson Yards area of the city just added state-of-the-art co-working space for its members. The intent is to serve those who are just as driven about their fitness as their business to become immersed in deeper worlds that help them to find even greater inspiration and social ties.

Going to work was never so highly-anticipated.

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