The Is Your Spring Hotel Rooftop Of Choice

The temperature is finally starting to warm up a bit, and the chic set is starting in NYC is starting to head to hotel rooftop lounges once again for cocktails. If you're unlucky enough to find yourself in sweaty mid-town during the after-work rush, you can definitely make more than the most of it by slipping into The famed Knickerbocker Hotel and taking the elevator immediately to the roof to reach St. Cloud.  You'll find yourself above it all and privvy to amazing views.  There's a great indoor-outdoor vibe here, but our fave is that St. Cloud has a special partnership with Club Macanudo on a separate part of the terrace for an absolutely wonderful cigar experience that needs no artificial air purifiers.  Kick back with a perfect summer drink, and you'll almost forget that you were on your way to whatever destination that was after you left the office. For more info:

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