This Is The Hottest New Spot For Delicious Luxury

Miami and Las Vegas have been loving this brand, and now New York City's Meatpacking District is home to the latest address.  Aubi & Ramsa 21+ ice cream locale is a modern, chic spot with low, amber lighting and sleek design that vibe of a bar with the intrigue of an intimate event space that you just have to visit. A few steps from the new Hermes boutique and around the corner from Tesla, Aubi & Ramsa has found the perfect location to serve its legendary menu. From champagne floats to sorbets, you can't go wrong with any selection.  The packaging is perfection. As your "mixologist" removes the lid from a perfect cylinder of happiness in your flavor of choice, all troubles will melt away with the first disposable spoonful.  Our fave at the moment is Scotch Decadence.  This is no mere theme of a concept. No, this is rich, flavorful ice cream with generous amounts of quality liquor that is perfectly balanced and topped off with ideal toppings! The proverbial cherry on top of this proverbial cake?  Aubi & Ramsa also delivers! We hear there will be a late-night DJ during the summer as well. What more do you need, except maybe organic milk options and that of alternative sweeteners such as monkfruit instead of white sugar, but let's just hope that's on the way. Run, do not walk to get this ice cream!


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