Here's The Best Holiday Gift To Give While We All Wait For Travel To Come Back

Ok, so some people are traveling but not sure if we're comfy enough with that just yet.  But we can't say that we don't get kinda wistful thinking about hitting some of our fave spots in the world during the holidays.  Know someone like that too, and looking for the perfect gift?  Wonder no more!

One of our absolute top scents is the amber deliciousness at The Ritz Paris.  Since many are not taking off to cozy up in those rooms for a holiday break, why not bring to the scent to you?  As of only the last couple of years, fans are now able to purchase the home fragrance via the hotel’s website. Prior to that time, it was only available at the The Ritz's concept store. It can be found nowhere else in the world.

It simply does not disappoint and lingers in the air for quite a while whisking you away in pure luxury.  The king of hotel scents, the self-named room spray is a hypnotic, amber-based, proprietary scent that is sure to be Instagram-worthy. 

But wait, there's more!

Now they've released L'Ambre Ritz XL porcelain candle as well!  Since you can't really leave your home to do much now anyway, you won't want to. This is about santuary on a whole new level.  Peep the website for these goodies and more for anyone who is on your "nice" list now!.

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