Louis Vuitton Pop-Up: The Review

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The Louis-Vuitton pop-up tour recently hit the lower east side of New York City and featured the house’s men’s collection designed by Virgil Abloh. The ephemeral boutique was only open for nine days but drew a number of devotees to the brand as well as curious on-lookers.

Many visitors braved the heat to wait in a line next to the neon green, 6,000-square-foot building specifically re-imagined for the pop-up opening. In a curious manner of literally walking each visitor one-by-one through the store and showing various stand-out pieces of the collection, employees of the pop-up served to guide consumers through the boutique as they touched on inspiration behind pieces that included monogrammed accessories, leather goods, shirts, and sweaters as well as a new version of the LV “Skate” sneaker inspired by vintage skateboarding sneakers. 

Though intended for sale both the tour-guide-of-sorts manner coupled with the style of display, unfortunately, created a more museum-like atmosphere than that of the playful, accessible manner to which Mr. Abloh's designs speak.  This coupled with the more than pedestrian style of the hulking security-come-dive-bar-bouncers outside who nearly pounced on individuals who made the mistake of missing the line to the side of the building and deigning to enter as normal through the main door, contributed to an effort which sorely missed the true mark of luxury today which is that of greater inclusiveness and a mannerable style.

The line, however, is extensive and creative with certain stand-outs clearly being the rich, wool sweaters and sumptuous outer-wear. As the brand continues its ever-clever expansion, one hopes such focus is turned to a more meaningful customer experience that reflects the richness of the brand. 

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